Awareness on Safety / Emergency to Public

Petronet MHB Limited (PMHBL) a joint venture company of HPCL and ONGC and PIL has laid multi product petroleum pipeline from Mangalore to Bangalore via Hassan and is operating and maintaining the same since August 2003.† The company in association with Karnataka State Crisis Group, organizes Public Awareness Programme.

For purpose of laying the cross country pipeline, the right of user in land (ROU) is acquired from the land owners under the provisions of Petroleum and Minerals Pipeline (Acquisition of right of user in land) Act 1962.
Under Sec 9 of the PMP Act 1962, there are certain restrictions imposed regarding the use of the land by the land owners. The restrictions imposed after notification is that the occupier shall not -
(i) construct any building or any other structure;
(ii) Construct or excavate any tank, well reservoir or dam or
(iii) Plant any tree on that land;
In case of breach by the land owner or the occupier, the right to move the jurisdictional district court is vested with the Competent Authority.   


DO'S :


In case if you find any person / vehicle in suspicious manner on PMHBL pipeline ROU, inform to nearest Line Patrolman or following numbers of PMHBL pipeline or Police Station

Following are the Contact numbers of PMHBL-

Mangalore 0824-2291061 / 2011656
Neriya 08256-235330 / 208330/ 9886403208
Hassan 08172-243516/ 243517
Devangonthi 080-27904234/ 27945069/ 27902361
Admn. Office, Bangalore 080-22262317/ 22262243
Competent Authority 080-22262316/317 & 0824-24433388
Karnataka State Police 100

Incase of any leak of petroleum products, the same will be detected by smell of petroleum product or spillage,

Action to be taken are as follows:-

1.Stay away from the leak spot at least 30 mtrs.

2.Smoking, Naked lights, Use of electrical equipments, mobile phones are prohibited within 30m of the oil leak site.

3.Do not carry / fill the oil in drums because storing of highly flammable petroleum products is very dangerous.

4.If leakage is in river / canal / pond or any water body prohibit people from that area.

5.Donít use tractor, pump or carry out any tilling & irrigation works till corrective action is taken by PMHBL.

6.Inform PMHBL at above contact numbers or nearest police station.



“Control of pollution and protection of environment is the duty of every citizen.† Help in controlling the pollution, protection of pipeline and environment in the interest of nation.”