Message from MD

Dear Colleagues

I have taken over charge as MD-PMHBL on 19/4/12. It gives me a boundless pleasure to be a part of this Company.

As per the vision and mission of the company, we all together pledge to fulfill our binding with Petronet MHB Limited through competence, honesty, integrity and true to allegiance. By learning continuously we shall acquire the knowledge, skills and the attitude to produce the best performance. We shall ensure that all our decisions and action plans pass the test of professional integrity and honesty.

At this juncture my sincere appreciation to all, for the role played by each of the employee in past years for achieving the set goals.

I am sure, in the forthcoming years also all employees will continue to maintain the interest and commitment and put in their best efforts for improving Thruput of the company by maintaining the quality & safety standards.

PMHBL pipeline passes thru difficult terrains, deep forest in Charmadi Ghat and across 8 Districts of Karnataka state, posing a challenge in maintenance of Right of user and pipeline. I wish you to maintain same zeal and commitments to operate and maintain the pipeline with nil incidents and zero lost time injury.

A number of projects like up-gradation of APPS system, telecommunication systems, safety features implementation at Devangunti tank farm, fire detection and alarm system and CCTV installation at SV stations etc. is being taken up. This will enable PMHBL stations for efficient operation of pipeline with integral Safety and Security.

We will endeavor further to improve operation thru the developmental projects as well as interact with our customers for enhancing the thruput and revenue generation of the Company.

I wish all officials / members of Petronet MHB Limited a great future and look forward to their efficient working and new ideas in operation & maintenance of pipeline.

Mr.Anil Khurana
Managing Director-PMHBL